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Better Sleep for Kids

As many parents know, kids rely on consistent sleep for better mental and physical health. Routine sleep habits are necessary to adjust to their body’s growth, learning at school and to combat fatigue that leads to meltdowns and sickness. There are simple steps parents can take to improve sleep for their kids. We found these Read More

Feel Fatigued on a Regular Basis?

  Check out these probable causes. Do you find yourself yawning throughout the day? Perhaps two-o’clock in the afternoon is your downfall, when you’re feeling the effects of a big lunch? If this is you, you should know that there are solutions to your problem. Sometimes the solution requires a medical intervention, such as taking Read More

Strokes and Sleep Apnea

The University of Michigan reported on the largest population-based study ever conducted, which linked sleep apnea to damage caused to the brain stem during a stroke. “Of the 11 percent of 355 stroke patients with brain stem injury, 84 percent had sleep apnea. Of those without brain stem involvement, 59 percent had sleep apnea.” Read Read More