We Sleep To Be Whole – Welcome to the Sleep Journal


What’s the first thing you do when the New Year comes along, your birthday, or a family wedding? Most people “the time is now!” to eat right and workout in order to look and feel your best.

We challenge you to add another component to that formula – something we all do every day and often take for granted.

Quality sleep

A host of research explains why sleep is so important to the proper functioning of our bodies and minds. Studies show that quality sleep has the power to ward of illness and disease, while helping us to perform (and live) to our top potential both physically and mentally.

Our Sleep Journal Blog is dedicated to all things sleep. We will be a one-stop shop where you find daily articles about the latest news and research, information on sleep apnea and sleep conditions as well as advice from the efforts on how to get a quality night of ZZZZs.

What’s that, you’re snoring you say? We’ll cover snoring as well.

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